About us

About us

Ampliffy connects Advertisers, Publishers and Content Creators through online video for young people.

We deliver top video experiences for users by uniting Advertisers, Publishers and Content Creators.

Our platform (AVOD) allows publishers to deliver and monetize premium video, gives creators the global arena to distribute and monetize their content, and connects advertisers to qualified audiences.

Ampliffy for Advertisers

Online video is the best ad format to impact young audience.

Context and intent are everything.

Find an engaged, brand-safe audience for your ads through Ampliffy TV.

Reach audiences in a context that’s relevant to your brand, and brand-safe.

Using our custom PMPs you can build a set of inventory tailored to your needs.

Topics for young people are our core strategy:

Life Style
Movies and Series
Video Games

Ampliffy for Publishers

Publisher after publisher has shared with Ampliffy their frustrations over the high cost of delivering video content.

Ampliffy TV offers publishers the quickest video player with zero operating cost and access to the best content for young people.

Publishers are no longer shackled with the need for costly video players and can finally make money with video.

Generate endless video inventory with our easy, tag-based integration. Copy tag. Insert in site. It’s that simple.

Our main focus is to provide relevant content for young people to increase user time on site, looking to take their audience back from social media platforms.

Citing a study from Wistia, a internet video hosting and analytics company, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than those without.

Earn money, increase time on page and build brand loyalty with Ampliffy TV.

Monetize your site with high CPM ads. Display Ads need to be complemented with Video Ads.

Ampliffy for Creators

Find new places to distribute your videos and earn money.

Upload your videos to Ampliffy TV to expand the reach of your content.

If you create videos of the topics of Ampliffy TV, please contact us.

Our quality team will review the content of your videos.

It is easy and simple. Start earning money today with your videos!