Thursday, August 18, 2022

Erling Haaland's message to the Manchester City fans

Por Juan

After Manchester City's victory over West Ham in their Premier League debut, striker Erling Haaland shared this video.

The player sent a short but forceful message to all the Manchester City fans.

Thousands of fans welcome Juventus players in Villar Perosa

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This week, Juventus footballers played a friendly match against Massimo Brambilla's U-23 national team in Villar Perosa, Italy.

In the video the players can be seen after the match, taking pictures and signing jerseys for the fans.

A man handcuffs himself to a tree and protests in San Diego

Por Juan

Andy Stinson, a San Diego resident, handcuffed himself to a tree found on his property to prevent it from being demolished.

Andy comments that he is being retaliated against by the H.O.A, an association that controls private property in his city. Still, if he continues his protest against the demolition, the authorities have the power to arrest him.

Brazil presents the Seleçao shirt for the World Cup

Por Juan

The CBF, Brazilian Football Federation, has presented the new Seleçao kit for the Qatar World Cup.

The verdeamarelha continues maintaining its essence and presents very few novelties, a touch of green and blue on the sleeves and on the neck.

A family of bears disrupt traffic in Alaska

Por Juan

On July 25, a family of bears consisting of a female bear and three cubs interrupted traffic on a road in Kodiak, Alaska.

The animals were crossing the road to go to the river to hunt salmon. Encounters between bears and humans are very normal in Alaska, as they wander into residential areas to search for food.

Tomorrow Morning, the new musical starring Samantha Barks

Por Juan

Starring Samantha Barks, also known as "Eponine" in Les Miserables, this musical tells the story of a couple in two different timelines. The first is full of sadness, separation, and breakups, and the second is full of romance and passion.

Tomorrow Morning will be released on September 6 on the big screen.

Cruzeiro presents Wesley Gasolina at a gas station

Por Juan

Cruzeiro presented his new signing, Wesley Gasolina, at a gas station while Don Omar's song "Gasolina" was playing.

Cruzeiro is the leader of the Brazilian Series B with a 9-point advantage, so they hope to return to Series A at the end of the championship.

AS Roma presents Paulo Dybala at the Olympic Stadium

Por Juan

Last Sunday, Paulo Dybala had his official presentation at the Rome Olympic Stadium.

The Argentine striker was presented in front of a crowd of 60,000 fans who gave him a standing ovation.

Flippin Misfits official trailer

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Behaviour Interactive Inc. has announced through this trailer that Flippin Misfits will be released on September 15.

Flippin Misfits is an action video game in which 2 to 4 players will have to face each other in online battles.

Two Point Campus launch trailer

Por Juan

SEGA has released the launch trailer for Two Point Campus, a video game that will arrive on August 10 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Two Point Campus is a simulation game where players will create and manage a university.

Police dismantle a large cannabis nursery in Australia

Por Juan

Australian police dismantled a cannabis plantation worth approximately $40M in northwest Kingaroy.

The operation was carried out after discovering a van loaded with drugs in Boondooma and after enlisting the drivers to reduce their sentences.

A drone records the lava of Fagradalsfjall a few meters away

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A fissure in the Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland, caused lava to start pouring out of the ground, attracting a large number of people due to its slow speed.

One of the visitors decided to record the phenomenon with his drone, passing a few meters from the lava.

Real Madrid arrives to Helsinki to play the European Super Cup

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Real Madrid arrived to Helsinki on August 9 to play the European Super Cup against the Europa League champions, Eintracht Frankfurt.

The Madrid team will seek to maintain their good run from last season, where they were intractable in LaLiga and the Champions League.

Chelsea announces the signing of Carney Chukwuemeka

Por Juan

Chelsea Football Club has made official the signing of Carney Chukwuemeka, an 18-year-old Austrian-born, British nationalized midfielder from Aston Villa.

The player has signed a 6-year contract worth around 24 million euros.

Dogs at a Michigan day care center cool off in the pool

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Dogs at a day care center in Maybee, Michigan, had a great time cooling off in the center's pool.

The owner of the business affirms that the animals roam freely around the installations without the need of using cages.

Little Women launch trailer

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The streaming platform Netflix has added a new South Korean production, the K-drama "Little Women."

Directed by Kim Hee-won, the series is an adaptation of the famous American novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott.

Ceroboh, the new and disturbing Netflix thriller

Por Juan

Six people are trapped inside a building, while an alien invasion takes place in their city. Paranoia, chaos and fear are increasing as time goes by, and the survivors will do unimaginable and even inhumane things to save their own lives.

Ceroboh will be available on Netflix starting August 31.

A skier descends a narrow gorge

Por Juan

A skier went off-piste with a friend at an unspecified place and date.

The athlete skis through a narrow gorge where there is barely room for one person to later meet up with his friend, who had been the first to pass.

Karim Benzema wears the new Adidas X Speedportal boots

Por Juan

In this video, we can see how the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema wears the new Adidas X Speedportal boots.

The X Speedportal are a special edition from the collaboration between Adidas and the famous animated series Rick and Morty.

Impressive parkour tour across the rooftops of Hong Kong

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Storror, a group of athletes who upload YouTube videos practicing parkour, shared this clip with some of the members jumping from the roofs of Hong Kong.

If you are afraid of heights, this video is probably not for you, since it causes panic to see the tall buildings from which they jump on the screen.

Tornado destroys several houses in Costa Rica

Por Juan

A tornado formed by a tropical storm destroyed several houses in a humble neighborhood of San Nicolas, Cartago, Costa Rica.

The person who recorded the video was ready to leave the place with his family, but luckily for them the tornado changed direction.

Raven's Hollow, a chilling tale with Edgar Allan Poe

Por Juan

This film directed by Christopher Hatton recounts the chilling situations that inspired the writer Edgar Allan Poe to create horror novels and poems. With a terrifying dramatization, this film certainly lives up to what the author wrote.

Raven's Hollow will premiere on Shudder on September 22.

Torrential rains in Seoul flood the city streets

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This week, torrential rains pounded northeastern South Korea, causing severe flooding in Seoul.

The worst affected city was Inchon, where rainfall accumulated more than 100 millimeters.

Marvel original shorts starring Groot arrive to Disney+

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Marvel is betting on the series and has not forgotten one of its most tender and beloved characters by fans.

Baby Groot has, starting today, a series of original shorts on Disney+. The friendly guardian of the galaxy played by Vin Diesel will be accompanied on his mini adventures with other guardians like Rocket and Drax The Destroyer.

A monkey at the Barcelona zoo laughs when he sees a magic trick

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A video recorded a few years ago at the Barcelona Zoo by a network user named Dan Zaleski displays the hilarious reaction of an ape when seeing a magic trick.

The animal, which shows signs of quasi-human intelligence, falls to the ground laughing when it sees a chestnut disappear into a glass.