Thursday, September 30, 2021

A tour by bike in Svendborg, Denmark

Por Juan
Svendborg is a port city of Denmark that stands out for its trade and industry. To visit the Castle of Valdemar, the beach of Drejo, Thuro and Skaro.

Will robots be the musicians of the future?

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Little by little the machines are taking people's jobs. It has always been thought that some of the jobs are not achievable by robots, but they can even play the piano with the precision of a trained pianist. Moreover, if technology does not fail, it can be more reliable than a trained musician.

NBA 2K21 Next Gen, the launch trailer

Por Juan
The replacement for NBA 2K, NBA 2K21, is coming with next-generation innovations in graphics, gameplay, competitive features, and deep game modes, plus an enhanced online community.

The video game is an immersion in the world of basketball and the culture that surrounds it.

A passenger on a plane refuses to wear a mask and slaps a crew member

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A passenger who boarded a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta on Monday in Miami (USA) was filmed while hitting a cabin crew member, furious that she had been required to wear a mask while on the plane .

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered official launch trailer

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The new Need for Speed ​​experience comes with new graphics and gameplay so you can get behind the wheel for or against the law, as you prefer. You can play both alone and with partners, face to face or asynchronously in multiplayer mode, improved thanks to the Autolog system.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A German shepherd bathes in a small garden fountain

Por Juan
The family of this friendly German shepherd recorded the moment when the dog climbed into a birdbath to cool off. He definitely need a bigger bathtub.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The New Zealand Parliament president takes care of the baby of a deputy in full debate

Por Juan
One of the most popular images on social networks recently is that of the president of the New Zealand parliament feeding one of the shoots of a member of the chamber.

Trevor Mallard gave the bottle to the baby, just one month old, and later said "normally the chair of the speaker is used only by the presidents, but today a VIP guest took the place with me."


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Men scare a girl and she falls through the gap between train and platform

Por Juan

This video shows a group of young men who are pretending to hit a woman to scare her on April 1 in Dublin. The woman begins to stumble and she falls in the gap located between the train and platform.The men had already harassed others as recorded by security cameras.

Ake Loba failed the easiest penalty kick

Por Juan
Ake Loba, an Ivorian soccer player who currently plays with the Monterey Soccer Club, wasted a perfect opportunity to score a point for his team.


Fans burn their seats in a match between Sporting Lisbon and FC Porto

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During the classic between Sporting Lisbon and FC Porto, Sporting fans accidentally burned their own seats while celebrating their team's entry into the field

Friday, September 24, 2021

This is how a store in the Lego world would be

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Have you ever wondered what stores would look like in a Lego world? This video builds a business from one of the dolls and does not skimp on details: the DJ, the hats to buy, the seller ...

Thursday, September 23, 2021

A lynx 'adopts' a kitten in a Siberian zoo

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The Siberian Zoo, in the Russian city of Irkutsk, shared a moving video on its Instagram account that shows how a female lynx is taking care of a cat as if it were her baby. The feline is known for its strong maternal instinct: previously, the lynx cared for cubs, as well as malamute and raccoon cubs. Currently, zoo employees are looking for new owners for the cat.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Kanye West records himself urinating on one of his Grammy awards

Por Juan
Kanye West has again pulled his wits to make one of his protests and, of course, he has achieved what he wanted: to attract attention. The singer has posted a video in which he is seen urinating on one of his Grammy awards and has done it to complain about abusive contracts with record companies. The video, unsurprisingly, has gone viral.

A man takes a cardboard dog for a walk during quarantine

Por Juan
During the quarantine imposed by the authorities, many are looking for ways to bypass it. This man goes for a walk first with one, then with more cardboard dogs.

RoboWig, the robot that will pamper your hair

Por Juan
If you are lazy and have a hard time getting ready in the morning, science and technology may have found a solution for you.

A group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have carried out a curious project called RoboWig. It is a mechanical arm designed to comb hair, a task that it carries out with smoothness and precision.

The idea, however, is not aimed at lazy people, but rather at men and women who have some type of disability that makes it difficult for them to perform this task.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

New York celebrates with fireworks the vaccination of 70% of its adult population

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A fireworks display lit up the sky over New York on June 15, as the city celebrated the milestone of 70% of the adult population vaccinated. Earlier, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged to remove most of the covid-19-related restrictions when the state reaches that threshold.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Germany's beautiful landscapes in a minute

Por Juan
This cinematic video of the nature of Germany leaves you wanting more.
The rocky mountains, the Mecklenburg Lakes, Upper Bavaria, the Black Forest, the North Sea and much more, a surprising landscape to not miss this beautiful country.

An operator records a fire whirlwind in a forest fire in California

Por Juan
One of the workers fighting to extinguish the wildfire in California witnessed the creation of a tornado of flames.

Hundreds of square kilometers have been burned, leading to the evacuation of thousands of people from their homes and the deployment of thousands of emergency services units.

A drone supplies a fighter in flight for the first time

Por Juan
The United States Navy managed, on June 4, to resupply a fighter with an unmanned tanker drone for the first time.

The drone is a Boeing MQ-25 Stingray and the fighter is an F18 Super Hornet. The two tests took place at 3,050 meters of altitude and at 4,880 meters, with a transfer of 140 kg of fuel, which was a total success.

New trailer for the long-awaited James Bond movie "No Time to Die"

Por Juan
A new trailer for the long-awaited James Bond film "No Time to Die" is released. After being postponed due to the pandemic, it will premiere on October 1, which apparently marks Daniel Craig's farewell from the saga.

Continuing with the dynamics that characterizes Bond, and directed by Cary Fukunaga, frenetic fights alternate with dark scenes and suggestive women, in a trailer that promises action and more action.

Joe Biden defends decision to end war in Afghanistan after 20 years

Por Juan
The president of the United States of America defends the decision to leave Afghanistan after 20 years. The process that Donald Trump already started has ended on August 31 at the hands of the new US President Joe Biden.

In this way, a 20-year war that has not made any progress for the eastern country ends and that returns to the starting point.

The Taliban mock the west by celebrating funerals of the forces of NATO countries

Por Juan
Hundreds of Taliban held funerals for fallen NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, thus mocking the West's failure in the Asian country.

Those present wrapped coffins with the flags of the United States, United Kingdom and France as well as the NATO flag as they paraded through the streets of Khost.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Several killer whales try to knock down boats in Spain

Por Juan
Videos of killer whales ramming boats near the Spanish coasts have become common for a while. These magnificent - and violent - animals seem to have grown tired of our presence at the sea and it looks like they are trying to convey a message.

Luckily for those who love the sea, the art of navigation and the animals, either whales, the ships or the humans have been damaged - or injured - on these raids.

The osprey, an amazing an unerring fisher

Por Juan
The osprey or sea hawk is a medium-sized raptor eagle that can be found on all continents.

In the video we can see the spectacular way in which this animal pounces on the fish, diving to catch its prey, a technique similar to that used by seagulls.

A stage collapses in the middle of the speech of a Venezuelan politician

Por Juan
A Chavista politician, who calls himself "Hijo de la Negra", was giving a speech to his followers when the stage he and his team where collapsed, abruptly cutting off the speech.

Those present rushed to his aid but fortunately no one was injured.

In social networks, the anti-Chavista movement was reflected in thousands of messages of mockery towards the politician and the Chavismo movement.