Friday, June 25, 2021

The sad story of an octopus eaten by a stingray

Por Juan

Diver Jules Casey recently shared the sad story of an octopus with whom she had become friends on her Instagram account. For many months Casey was visiting a female octopus and when she gave her gifts she would touch her, exploring her hand. She even explained that she witnessed its mating ritual on two occasions.

However, when she recently returned to visit her, a stingray had caught her friend in her nest and was trying to eat her. The diver spent an hour watching until she ran out of air, but some colleagues informed her that the octopus had finally been devoured and that only a few eggs remained.

Casey explains that she decided not to interfere, difficult as it was, because that is nature. The octopus, she says, "could have left his lair to save herself, but chose to stay to protect her eggs, her selfless act cost him her life."