Tuesday, May 30, 2023

U.S. general asks Ukraine not to use U.S. systems to attack Russia

Por Juan

Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated that Ukraine cannot use the systems provided by the US to attack Russian territory.

In addition, the Secretary of Defense stated that he will lead a European coalition to deliver F-16s to Ukraine.

Sydney building facade collapses due to a fire

Por Juan

On the afternoon of May 25, a multi-story building caught fire in Sydney, Australia, forcing more than 100 firefighters to intervene.

The images show how the facade of the building collapses over the street, which at that time was already closed.

Ron DeSantis announces his 2024 presidential campaign

Por Juan

Ron DeSantis, current governor of Florida, announced his 2024 United States presidential campaign.

The politician will have to face Donald Trump, who was his supporter in the past, in the Republican Party primaries.

Taylor Swift's piano comes to life during her concert at Gillette Stadium

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The singer Taylor Swift sat down to play the piano when it began to play by itself, something that surprised the artist.

The Eras Tour, the name of the tour, is leaving unique moments, from concerts under the rain to living pianos.

Barbie final trailer

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Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, will hit theaters on July 21.

A doll from Barbie Land, the place where all the Barbies and Kens live happily, has a full-on existential crisis, so she decides to go to the real world to settle her thoughts.

Hit-and-run SUV crashes into an ambulance in Philadelphia

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A security camera located at an intersection in a residential neighborhood in Philadelphia recorded a violent crash between an SUV and an ambulance.

The car, which was stolen, was fleeing from the police at high speed, the thief ignored a stop so it crashed into an ambulance that was on its way to cover an emergency.

The criminal was detained while the two paramedics suffered serious injuries, but their lives are not in danger.

Son surprises his mother on Mother's Day at the Rogers Center stadium

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A woman was in the stands of the Rogers Center watching a Toronto Blue Jays game when her son appeared through one of the entrances to the stands.

The woman got emotional and even shed some tears when her son appeared, because he lives in Calgary, a city located 3,000 kilometers from the capital of Canada.