Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Lamborghini, beyond the concrete

Por Juan

Lamborghini, sports car manufacturer, wanted to show that the Huracán can leave the asphalt without problems.

To ensure that a sports car with the characteristics of the Huracán can circulate on a dirt track, they have had to raise the suspension.

Zelensky blames Russia for rising gas prices

Por Juan

Volodymy Zelensky, President of Ukraine, addressed his citizens to blame Russia for attacking the Europeans with its new gas policy.

The president called for more sanctions against Russia and accused them of bombing residential buildings in Odessa.

Kristen McMenamy falls on the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier

Por Juan

Supermodel Kristen McMenamy, famous for her androgynous look in the fashion world, suffered a fall during the Jean Paul Gaultier show for her latest collection.

As expected, the model took it with grace and a good attitude. A couple of spectators got up to help her and just like that, the show continued.

A security guard gets killed in a car crash in California

Por Juan

In the city of El Cajon located in California, at approximately 7pm, it was reported the crash of a truck against a private security vehicle that was parked.

Unfortunately, the security guard who was inside the vehicle lost his life after the impact. The person responsible for the accident is believed to have been driving while intoxicated.

Walking around the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami

Por Juan

In this video, we briefly summarize the Rolling Loud Festival, a hip-hop, and rap event that takes place in Miami annually at the end of July.

The festival features a diverse lineup of shows with national and international bands and artists.

Emilia Mernes wowed audiences at her first concert in Spain

Por Juan

The popular reggaeton singer Emilia Mernes has started her European tour this weekend in Spain.

At only 25 years old and being her first time performing abroad, Emilia has gathered more than 4,000 fans in an incredible outdoor concert.

French Grand Prix summary with the Ferrari Race beats

Por Juan

Like every week after a Formula 1 Grand Prix, Ferrari brings a fun summary with the Race beats.

The double winner of the Paul Ricard Grand Prix was Max Vertappen, who won the race and saw his closest rival, Leclerc, crash into the wall.