Saturday, September 24, 2022

Hundreds of whales get stranded on a Tasmanian beach

Por Juan

More than 230 pilot whales have appeared stranded on a beach in Strahan, west of the Australian island of Tasmania; the causes, "complex", according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Despite the fact that experts assure that half of the cetaceans have already died, a team of experts has moved to the area to try to rescue the rest of the specimens.

Multiple car crash ends in a fire at Houston

Por Juan

A terrible car accident in Houston resulted in a fire and three people seriously injured.

Until now, the only thing known about this fatal incident is that at least 4 vehicles were involved, of which one completely caught fire. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

A waterspout shakes the beaches of Veracruz, Mexico

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In recent weeks, Mexico has been stunned by earthquakes, a tsunami alert and now, a waterspout.

In the east of the country, in the state of Veracruz, an intense waterspout raised and destroyed tables and chairs, leaving the place in a mess. Fortunately, there was only material damage and all citizens are safe.

Rescue teams free a baby from a collapsed building in Jordan

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This past week a four-story building collapsed in Amman, the Jordanian capital, leaving several people trapped between the rune.

Rescue teams managed to save a small baby girl, who had miraculously survived the collapse. Other people are still missing under the building.

North Carolina police officers tackle a criminal in the middle of a highway

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Police officers of Charlotte, North Carolina, chased a criminal through a freeway traffic, some on foot and others into civilian vehicles.

When the fugitive tried to jump the median, an agent tackled him, allowing several more officers to reach to the place to immobilize and detain him.

An earthquake destroys a bridge in Taiwan

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A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has shaken the island of Taiwan, leaving at least one dead and a lot of infrastructure destroyed.

A drone has taken aerial images of the Kaoliao Bridge in Hualien County, making clear the devastating power of the earthquake.

David Coulthard has fun during Formula 1 race in Belgrade

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Former British driver David Coulthard attended the Red Bull Racing event in Belgrade (Serbia).

The driver left Formula 1 racing at the end of the 2008 season, however he is still involved in some activities with his former team.